2012 marked the turn of the tide for cannabis. Colorado and Washington were the first two states to legalize recreational cannabis. Since then the industry has seen a wealth of peaks of valleys. More states followed suit, with varying levels of legality from state to state. Now more than ever, cannabis seems to have the fighting chance it deserves. 

After a few experiences in the industry, I found my cannabis home with Greenstone. Greenstone Holdings is an industrial cannabis grow. Our team focuses on the art of cannabis. It’s never been about quantity, but always quality for us. We commit to providing the best in smokable cannabis that Colorado has to offer.


At greenstone, our team is passionate about cannabis. We appreciate every aspect of our crop because we understand the value in every stage. Our specialty is growing recreational cannabis in Denver. We take the time to explore and experiment to create premium and exotic strains.

After finding the best, we breed them to the perfect composition. This makes for an exciting experience full of unique flavors and comforting highs. We take a natural approach to our cannabis, ensuring that all you get is organic plant matter.


When growing cannabis, there are several considerations for keeping your plants healthy. We utilize our entire facility in service of this goal. For example, the facilities at greenstone operate on a fixed lighting timer. This ensures that plants get their needs regardless of their respective growth stage.

Our staff wear appropriate uniforms to eliminate contaminants. We also use a sticky pad at the entrance to kill shoe germs. We keep internal temperatures at the appropriate levels to control humidity. Virtually any precaution you can think of, we take it! Our goal is to keep our cannabis as healthy as possible from seed to sale.

What Makes Us the best


Magnum Opus-02696

Effective cannabis cultivation requires an expert team. What we lack in size, we make up for in RESULTS. We institute a work model that yields productivity. Our crops are planted with our tried and true, “secret formula” soil. We space them appropriately to ensure proper growth and care.

We use the best in pest control, ensuring our plants’ growth goes unbothered. They receive the attention they need round the clock. Before long, they’re sprouting buds and sporting pungent scents. The time and care that goes into these plants is clear in their final, picture-worthy form.

Greenstone Banana Pie


My partners over at greenstone didn’t become experts overnight. It took years of trial and error, wins and losses, sacrifice, and a lot more to get here. It was a labor of love in many respects. And thankfully, the team has a lot of love to give when it comes to harvesting cannabis.  

Cannabis is already pretty perfect on its own. But what happens when the experts decide to make “perfect” better? The result is countless hours of dedication, affirmation, and a damn fine plant. If you’re looking for the upper echelon in organic cannabis, you’ve come to the right place.