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Welcome to the first entry of the JasonSirotin.com blog collection. I’ll be checking in every week with a new update from one of my many ventures. I’ve been fortunate to see success in a range of professional avenues, and I’m grateful to be able to share my testimony.  Today, I’ll be discussing a recent endeavor with my partners over at The Populace Group (TPG).

TPG is the multicultural division of my production company, ECG Productions. We’re producing a new show for Warner Brothers/True TV, entitled Taste The Culture. It’s a fun lifestyle show hosted by the ever so talented Chef Justin Sutherland. For more on the show’s background and development, read on! 

The Meaning Behind Taste The Culture

One of the main themes of the show revolves around food as a gateway into culture. It’s one of the most accessible insights into an unfamiliar background. It’s amazing how one dish can totally impact perspective and encourage common ground.

As such, our team spared no resources in finding the most applicable candidates to feature. We’re proud to announce a line up of notable, diverse eateries as our featured guests!

Episode 1

featuring Pinky Cole & The Slutty Vegan, as well as Derrick Hayes & Dave's Cheesesteaks


Episode 2

Featuring former pop ups-turned-restaurants Kamayan & Talet Market


Episode 3

featuring High Hog Farm & Brian Furman Barbeque

The Show That Almost Never Was

Though production has only recently come underway, the concept’s creation dates back to about 8 months ago. It was a part of a greater list of concepts that Populace and I were pitching to networks. The outcome? Not a single one was picked up.

Of course, this is normal in the content industry. But as a testament to the longevity of quality, things would play out differently the next go round. We would soon get the call that Warner Brothers and True TV were looking for the right vehicle for their partnership with Master Chef Justin Sutherland. We pitched our concept for Taste The Culture, and within three weeks, it was green-lit. 

Time Was Of The Essence For Production

After securing our budgets and getting approvals from Chef Sutherland and the network, it was time to film. The timeline? We had three weeks to film the entire first three episodes. The result was a great start to what I’m sure is only the beginning!

Chef Justin Sutherland

Now, let me take a moment to acknowledge the show’s host! If you aren’t already familiar with Justin Sutherland, I’ll try to sum things up as simply as possible: He’s one cool motherfucker. He’s also an amazing chef and onscreen talent; we couldn’t have picked a better lead for Taste The Culture!

Aside from his talents, one of the greatest things about Chef Sutherland is his character. He cares as much about culture as he does about nurturing it. And with his skills, he’s able to tap into a multitude of backgrounds via their signature dishes.

Be On The Lookout

Keep an eye out for Taste The Culture! It will first test on TrueTV’s online platform, and based on response, has the potential to go to series. It’s set to air during Black History Month 2022; more details to follow. Check back in on JasonSirotin.com for real time updates.

Food is one of few outlets that has the power to eliminate common social barriers. In a time where there’s no shortage of inflammatory content, Taste The Culture exists as a counterweight to this division. We can’t wait to share these experiences with you!


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