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A different approach to orthodontic marketing​

Our world continues to move toward further technological advancement. If the pandemic has revealed anything, it’s just how much we rely on digital media. Information is always passed around, and people are always searching for it. For businesses, your goal is to figure out how to be one of the first visible options when people go searching. That’s where my partnership with BBC comes in.
Brain Bytes Creative is a leader in digital marketing. Our services have helped countless brands raise awareness. We also offer real analytics that will serve you long after our services expire. If you’re in search of no bullshit digital marketing, look no further.


A popular service BBC offers is website design. Think of your website as the main interface between you and potential consumers. This is your chance to let your audience know why they should choose you. The more attractive, informative, and simple to use, the better. 

The staff at BBC has experience using several different website builders. We apply this expertise to designing a site that’s aesthetically pleasing. Also, our programmers employ durable functionality to ensure site maintenance. We deliver a beautiful, sustainable website suited to your brand’s mission. This will increase conversions, and then profits.


Today’s world of digital marketing is anything but simple. Let’s cut to the chase: there’s a lot of bullshit. Too many services offer vague promises and immeasurable results. Some take advantage of how unconventional this market is. Not with Brain Bytes, though. Working with us guarantees you real results and strategies. 

Our services include SEO, CRO, Content Creation & Marketing, Social Media Marketing, & more. After making the website, we use these to drive traffic and conversions, meaning sales. You can pick one or any combination of these based on your needs. Either way, you’ll see a spike in your brand’s visibility.


Brain Bytes also offers mobile app development services. The field of mobile applications has long been growing consistently. That’s because it relies on creative invention from an ever-growing list of contributors. Anyone can stumble across a good app idea and seemingly change their lives over night. What separates the successful ideas, though, is the execution. Enter Brain Bytes. 

We work with you to cultivate your invention from seed to sale. First, we implement a comprehensive assessment. Then, we refine and polish it and proceed. We use a range of mobile app development services to bring your idea to life.

Digital Marketing For Orthodontists

One of our main verticals is digital marketing for Orthodontists. We offer content writing, social media marketing, and paid search with leads as low as $23. Through our services, we’ve witnessed the industry’s tremendous growth and opportunity firsthand.   

Marketing for Personal Injury Attorneys

The same goes for the Personal Injury field. If your industry solves a problem, we can put you in front of people looking for solutions.  

Why BrainBytesCreative is the best digital marketing agency

Digital marketing services are a must for all industries. This is no more clear than in the various companies we’ve serviced over time. Our past clients include The CDC, Resurgens Medical, Vidalia Onions, and more. Each discovered the same thing: true digital marketing works.

“We are creating quality work that produces real results and an ROI. I love changing people’s perception on digital marketing,” says Jay. Right now there’s someone searching for a solution that your brand offers. Help us to help you connect the dots. We can create a site that tells your story and looks good doing it. They’ll come for the visual, and stay for the results. Contact Jason now for a free digital marketing analysis, so he can show you what brain bytes can do.