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Cannabis genetics are such a storied commodity.
For starters, not all genetics are created equal. Thankfully, as the legality of cannabis continues to expand, people can count on more regulated strains. This cuts out any shady processing that may have gone into the strains’ creation. Qualified lab testing ensures that what you’re consuming is safe and true to its description.

That said, if you use cannabis on a regular basis, you know that even some dispensaries may not have the best cannabis.
This comes down to a number of factors, like how it was harvested, post harvest care, and more. One of the biggest factors though, can be its genetics.


When I met the team that would eventually make up the Bread Genetics family, I knew we had gold on our hands. Every member has a true passion and love for cannabis. It isn’t just the fact that they blend these dynamic strains to make even better cannabis. It’s how they do it. 

These innovative pairings demonstrate a creative spark that one can admire. We aren’t looking for the highest THC strains to create some heavy, lethargic effects. Sure, we appreciate a heavy indica as much as the next enthusiast. But it’s about so much more than being weighed down. Cannabis should be an experience that includes as much healing as it does pure fun.


That said, we don’t shy away from the excitement of it all, either. We celebrate the creativity behind each strain.

Delicious, and fun.

We celebrate the creativity behind each strain. Take our Black Currant Souffle’

Keeping in the “bread and bakery” motif, this delectable cut is something out of a baker’s dream. It’s “reminiscent of a cherry potpourri. Like a musky, burnt toast or rubber, all mixed with a floral, citrus taste.” 

This is the kind of novelty that keeps me intrigued. Or what about our Blueberry Fun Dipz? This masterful blend of Blueberry Muffins and Secret Mintz packs an insane flavor. “It’s almost like a blueberry-heavy whipping cream, or a blueberry-infused mascarpone cheese over gourmet biscuits.” Where else do you hear about cannabis like this?!

If you’re in the market for quality cannabis genetics, you’ve come to the right man.

I’d be happy to connect you with the rest of the partners at Bread Genetics to see how we can best service your needs. Looking for custom genetics? We can help with that too! Just reach out to me via the contact page, here!