full service Video Production and Post- Production Company based in Atlanta, Georgia

One of my long-time favorite passions has been video production. I’ve been fortunate to have a lengthy career in the field. This includes fulfilling videography services for the likes of major networks. After completing college, I began working for companies like MSNBC, CNN, FOX News, and more.
I would go on to serve as Head of Production and Programming for Afterwards, I became Head of Content for Howard TV, a colossal media hub piloted by Howard Stern. I would eventually get the opportunity to produce feature films. All of this prepared me for what is still one my most successful endeavors: ECG Productions.


ECG Productions, or Entertainment Creative Group, is multi-layered, to say the least. It is your one stop shop for all video production needs. Our resume includes music videos, commercials, corporate spots, and more. We offer many services, including pre-production, production, post-production, and animation. 

What is pre-production, you ask? This refers to all of the work that happens before the actual filming date. There are countless planning considerations that take a lot of time and resources. Failure to secure these before a shoot can spell a disaster for your finished product. We match our creative talent with a rigorous work ethic to ensure the best results for our clients. 


So we’ve gotten all of our ducks in a row, and we’re now ready to shoot. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just picking up a camera and pressing the record button. There are as many considerations, if not more than the pre-production schedule. 

Production relies on several departments operating in unison for a successful shoot. From cameras, to audio, lighting, set dressing, and more. It may seem like overkill, but these are the kinds of efforts that separate the subpar from the standouts


So now filming is complete. Would you believe that the movie magic is still one layer away from completion?? This is when post-production begins. By this point, our skilled team of editors has already planned for this stage. 

At ECG, we house several editing suites piloted by our prized editors. They sift meticulously through all the footage gathered during production.

After pulling together a rough edit, our clients are allowed a review to give any and all notes. From there, we refine the video to their liking, making a piece that truly speaks to their brand’s mission.


Is traditional video not quite what you’re looking for? Do you want something a bit more vibrant and, say, cartoonish? We can do that for you, literally. 

Our Animation department is full of skilled animators and illustrators. This stretches the possibilities for what story we can tell for your brand.


At ECG, we operate as both an esteemed production company, and as a family. We value each of our team’s skills and contributions. More than anything, we appreciate everyone’s creative inclinations and passion for video production. Visit the ECG website today to book and plan your next production!